Flow sensors, flow meters, magmeters, magnetic sensors


Sensors provide information about some electrical or non-electrical parameter to a local display, a transmitter, personal computer, PLC or higher level centralized computer system.

Higher level devices or systems will rely its qaulity, accuracy and reliability on those of the sensor.

A system is as accurate and as reliable as its sensors, at its best.

Flow Sensors

Our flow sensors provide information about flow rate - volume or mass.
They can supply this information to a local display, flow computer / totalizer, converter or transmitter but they can supply this information directly to the higher level device or system over a link or a network because they have connectivity capabilities.

This way the total cost of the system is lower, reliablity and accuracy - higher.

Magnetic Sensors

G Instruments magnetic sensors have many applications. They can provide information about the density of the magnetic flux of a magnetic field or just information about presence or absence of magnetic field (above their sensitivity threshold).
The second type sensors are used for counting pulses, counting objects, measuring RPM or flow rate, positioning, detecting presence or absence of an object at the location of the sensor and many others.
Some of those digital magnetic sensors are required to detect only south or only north pole of the magnet, while others detect either or need a sequence of south and north pole in order to provide reliable information.

Other Sensors

G Instruments is researching, developing and designing other sensors.
Soon conductivity and pH sensors will be available from our company. Ohter sensors will follow. All of the sensors will be oriented to compatibility and connectivity to our devices and systems in order for us to provide more and more complete solutions to our customers.

Flow sensors, flow meters, magmeters, magnetic sensors