SCADA to collect data flow our magmeters, flow computers, totalizers, temperature transmitters

SCADA devices and systems

SCADA stands for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. A complete SCADA system includes sensors, communication equipment, controllers, human-machine interfaces, software and hardware. A SCADA can be very complex and have many levels in its architecture. It can also be more centralized or allow more functions and flexibility to its lower levels.

G Instruments designs and manufactures modules for collecting data that can be an important part of a SCADA system. These modules are the link between the sensors and the upper level of the SCADA system. They measure the signal of local sensors, condition and filter the signals, and communicate with the upper level in behalf of all sensors attached. This way those SCADA devices save the processing time of the upper level, save communication hardware and time.

SCADA devices for analog signals
These devices power sensors with analog output, condition, filter and measure their signal and provide digital information for the upper level (master) of the network. They are an excellent choice for temperature, pressure, conductivity, pH and other sensor. They can also power and measure analog outputs of other devices like all of our flow computers, our temperature transmitters and others. This way a single SCADA device can provide all the information needed to the upper level in order to monitor or control some process.

SCADA devices for analog and digital signals
These devices can connect to a more complicated group of sensors or other devices and provide a valuable information to the master on the network. An axample can be: two flow meters with pulse outputs, one flow switch, temperature transmitter, pressure transmitter, conductivity and pH transmitters. All connected to one of our boards which provides flow rate and difference in flow rates, total and the difference in the total, temperature, pressure, conductivity pH, and contact closure for flow or pressure. If this board is connected to a PLC for an instance both become a very accurate and powerful control system solution.

SCADA systems
Having one of our SCADA system allows to measure very accuratelly, monitor, display, scale, and data log many parameters in real time. It can be extremelly valuable not only in research and calibration laboratories but in industrial spaces as well.

SCADA to collect data flow our magmeters, flow computers, totalizers, temperature transmitters