Low power flow computers totalizers for liquids

Low Power Flow Computers For Liquids

When DC or AC power is available our low power flow computers / totalizers can work with more types of flow meters, provide more power to the sensor, measure faster pulse signals up to 10 kHz and communicate with a master device over a MODBUS RTU or other network.

Low Power Flow Computer totalizer GFC111

GFC110 works with most flow sensors and provides 5VDC for the sensor. It is especially suitable for direct connection to 3 wire opto coupler flow meters. It limits the current to the flow sensor opto coupler.

GFC110E has one inch wider enclosure

GFCP110 is in a panel mount enclosure

GFC110-AC, GFC110E-AC and GFCP110-AC work with 25 VAC power

GFC111 works with almost any flow sensors and provides 10VDC/20 mA to the sensor. It can work with 2 wire flow meters, NAMUR, proximity switches and others.

GFC111E has one inch wider enclosure

GFCP111 is a panel mount version of GFC111

GFC111A-B is designed for diesel engines fuel usage measurement. It has two flow inputs, measures and calculates rate A, rate B, rate A+B, rate A-B, total A, total B, total A+B and total A-B. Then it controls its outputs with these calculated values.

GFC111E-A-B has one inch wider enclosure

GFC111-MB flow computer / totalizer has in addition a fully compliant programmable RS485 MODBUS RTU port and 30 point calibration table / curve for linearization of the flow meter reading.

GFC111E-MB has one inch wider enclosure

GFCP111-MB is in a panel mount enclosure

GFC114 has a simplified 2 level menu, separate volume units for rate and total ans separate lock for each level of the menu

GFC114E has one inch wider enclosure

GFCP114 is in a panel mount enclosure

GFC201 flow computer / totalizer works with general liquids, refined petroleum products and lubrication oils. Using API tables 24B, 24D, 54B and 54D, measures and displays the temperature of the liquid in oC or oF and compensates the volume measured. The compensation can be disabled.
It has an isolated pulse output, isolated alarm and isolated analog output. Connects directly to a Pt100 RTD.

GFC201E is a version in one inch wider enclosure.

GFC240 flow computer / totalizer can accept a 4-20 mA signal linear to the flow rate or a 4-20 mA signal from a differential pressure sensor and extraxt a square root from it.

GFC240E is in one inch wider enclosure.

GFCP240 is the panel mount version in DIN 72x72 mm en closure

If you need more space for wiring inside the enclosure, please order GFC11xE

''E'' version low power Flow Computer totalizer

For panel mount, please order GFCP11x

Panel Mount Flow Computer totalizer GFCP111

Low power flow computers totalizers for liquids