Universal programmable temperature transmitters with MODBUS RTU ...

Signal Isolators

When connecting two or more devices together, or wiring a system of devices, most of the times the signals need to be isolated. If not the system does not work reliably, does not work at all, or even can present a danger.
Not isolated signals can highly reduce the reliability and safety of the system.

Isolated signals have no problem to connect to any device, they avoid ground loops and have high signal to noise ratio.

G Instruments designs and manufactures a range of isolators with high functionality and reliability.

Generaly they can be isolators for digital signals and isolators for analog signals.

They can also have just one output and be simply isolators.

But they can also have 2 outputs, isolated each other and be splitters of the input signal.

Next they can be active or passive, or a combination of active and passive.
For an instance having a passive input but active output(s).

Universal temperature transmitters with MODBUS RTU