Flow meters, magmeters (electromagnetic flow meters) from G Instruments

Flow Meters

Flow meters are one of our strongest sides. Regardsless of those many years of experience in designing and manufacturing flow computers / totalizers and flow meters we continue to research, invent, learn and improve our knowledge base.

Flow meters can be divided in groups in many ways but one of the most used is to divide them to flow meters with moving parts and flow meters with-no-moving parts. The first typically has a lower cost, the second typically has a higher reliability, accuracy and larger turn down.

Some of the most popular ''moving parts'' flow meters are: paddle-wheel, impeller, propeller and turbine.
Some of the most popular ''no-moving-parts'' flow meters are: differential pressure, magmeters and ultra sonic.

Magmeters (Electromagnetic Flow Meters)

G Instruments has many years of experience of researching, testing, developing and designing magmeters. We invented many proprietary circuits, algorithms and methods of building high quality magmeters. Our meters have high accuracy, large turn down ratio, high reliability and connectivty.

They are ready to network and ready to adapt to many applications and needs with their high programmability and variety of features.

Other Types of Flow Meters

Dedicated to constant reasearch, development and innovation G Instruments will be introducing other types of flow meters. From lower cost paddle-wheel and impeller type to higher quality no-moving-parts meters.
Even our lower cost paddle wheel and impeller flow meters will have built-in linearization and calibration curves, scaling and other intelligence.
They will also consume micro power and have connectivity and networking features.

All of this will allow them to stand out of the majority of similar meters.

Flow meters, magmeters (electromagnetic flow meters) from G Instruments