Flow computers totalizers with temperature compensation

Flow Computers / Totalizers with Temperature Compensation

When the liquid can significantly expand or shrink in the operating temperature range the error of measuring the volume will increase. In order to have more accurate volume measurement the flow computer / totalizer has to measure the temperature of the liquid and compensate for its exanding or shrinking.

Flow computer totalizer for petroleum products GFC201

GFC201 flow computer / totalizer works with general liquids, refined petroleum products and lubrication oils. Using API tables 24B, 24D, 54B and 54D, measures and displays the temperature of the liquid in oC or oF and compensates the volume measured. The compensation can be disabled.
It has an isolated pulse output, isolated alarm and isolated analog output. Connects directly to a Pt100 RTD.

GFC201E is a version in one inch wider enclosure.

Dual Flow Computer totalizer for liquids, gases and steam with MODBUS RTU

GFC300 is a dual channel DIN 144x72 panel mount flow computer / totalizer for liquids, gases and steam with extremelly high accuracy that can accept signals from almost any volume flow meter. It can be set as a single channel, two independent channels or both channels can be used to calculate, display and control outputs with the sum or the difference of the totals, the sum of the flow rates, and other calculations.

GFC300 has preset lists of liquids and gases for easier programming. It calculates the compressibility factors of the preset gases with high accuracy in a very large range of temperatures and pressures.

GFC300 also calculates density, enthalpy, heat rate, net heat, delta heat and total heat of steam with high accuracy by IAPWS-IF97 with the new additions from 2008.

With its variety of isolated outputs GFC300 can control metering pumps, DC motor pumps, connect to SCADA systems, PLCs, remote displays and many other devices. When used as a dual flow computer it can be very useful when mixing gases or liquids in exact proportion, controlling the total flow of two different pumps filling the same tank, measuring the fuel used by diesel engines and many others. GFC300 flow computer / totalizer also has a fully compliant programmable RS485 MODBUS RTU port for baud rates up to 115 200.

Dual Flow Computer totalizer for liquids, gases and steam with MODBUS RTU

GFC301 is the IP65 (NEMA-4) wall mount version of GFC300.

Flow computer totalizer for liquids, gases and steam with MODBUS RTU