We design and manufacture magmeters, flow computers, totalizers, remote display ...

About Us
G Instruments is a privatelly held start up company in beautiful San Diego area dedicated to research, development and manufacture of a broad range of instrumentation and control devices and systems.

Our top world class engineers have decades of experience in designing analog and digital hardware, embedded software, different types of networks and systems for industrial, irrigation, consumer and other markets.

Our large experience range from thermocouples and RTDs to variety of sensors, conductivity meters, magmeters, different kind of flow meters, variety of flow computers, totalizers, regulators and transmitters. From battery powered stand alone devices to networks of many different types of devices. Our solutions are always innovative, creative and original. We use our own proprietary signal processing techniques (both hardware and software), our own algorithms for digital signal processing, self adjusting and adaptive digital filtering, object identification and modeling, our proprietary circuits for signal conditioning and more in order to provide exceptional products for our customers.

Our products include magmeters, flow meters, flow computers, RPM computers, totalizers, magnetic sensors, different transmitters, isolators, SCADA, universal thermocouple MODBUS transmitters and many others. The number of devices is constantly increasing and it will continue to grow fast.

All, 100% of our designs are fully made in USA.
All, 100% of our products are fully manufactured in USA.

The company is founded by Venko Gyokov as a result of three decades of experience in researching, designing and manufactuing of instrumentation and control devices for many applications and markets.

Future Goals
G Instruments future goal is to continue fast growing based on research, building knowledge, innovation and extremelly fast new product development.

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We design and manufacture magmeters, flow computers, totalizers and more